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Classic Industries and Car Chasers at SEMA 2013

Classic Industries and Car Chasers at SEMA 2013

The Thrill of the Chase Chasing down a car can be exciting, but upon finally finding that car, you still may have to search for missing parts. This roadblock can turn a once exciting hunt into a frustrating chore. At SEMA 2013, the cast of The Car Chasers?Jeff Allen, Meggan Bailey, and Eric Ables?stopped by the OER/Classic Industries SEMA booth. During their visit, we took the opportunity to talk to … Continue reading »

Exclusive from Classic Industries®

Hardware 101: Nuts, Bolts, and Organization

Hardware not included.

Don't re-assemble your project with used nuts and bolts, start your restoration with the right hardware. All of it. Let Classic Industries simplify your project with one of our convenient hardware kits. No dirty nuts and no rusty bolts. Just brand new fasteners, sorted and labeled to make sure your vehicle has the same grade of hardware as the day it left the factory, with no missing or leftover pieces. Continue reading »

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'56 Chevrolet Bel Air - DIY Success Story

'56 Chevrolet Bel Air - DIY Success Story

Although there's nothing wrong with leaving your restoration project in the hands of qualified professionals at a trusted shop, there's something truly special about doing all the labor yourself. After countless hours of turning wrenches, and many late nights in the garage, you end up having personal knowledge of every last nut and bolt on your car. This was the case for Larry Richards, of Seal Beach, California, and his … Continue reading »