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Replacing Carpet

  1. After the seats, console, old carpet, etc have been removed, take some extra time to clear away all of the old jute padding and sound insulation (a good stiff putty knife works great). The cleaner the floor pan, the longer the new carpet will last.
  2. Use a mild Solvent to clean the floor pan. Now is a good time to inspect the floor for any signs of rust that may be coming through. You may want to "paint" the floor with rust inhibitor.
  3. Take the front section of the carpet and lay it in the car over the tunnel and in the front floor boards. You should note where and how much trimming will be required. Do the same for the rear carpet section as well as the sound insulation.

    Note: Do not cut seat mounting or seat belt holes until you have checked carpet fit. Once the carpet is cut it cannot be returned.

  4. You are now ready to install the carpet. As with any type of work that you perform on your pride & joy, take your time & be careful.

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