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CW Restorations and Classic Industries Ressurect a 1957 Cameo

CW Restorations Cameo

The team at CW Restoration Shop did not disappoint with their latest project for the recently concluded 2013 SEMA conference. This year, they turned their efforts to a rare 1957 Cameo. Continue reading »

Exclusive from Classic Industries®

Solving the Costly Paint Adhesion Issue on Fourth Gen GM F-Body Sail Panels

Roof Panel / Sail Panel

These urethane roof cap panels for 1993-02 Camaro and Firebird models are designed to mount over the B-pillar and wrap around and over the roof, ending at the edge of the rear hatch. These bolt-on roof cap panels install without any adhesive to provide a realistic solution to paint problems caused by the factory adhesive beneath the OE roof panel. Continue reading »

Latest News from Classic Industries®

Announcing the 2013 Classic Industries Truck Catalog

Classic Industries Shop Truck

Chevrolet and GMC trucks are a longstanding American tradition, and the enthusiasts who restore, maintain, and modify these cultural icons need a dependable source of restoration products. That's why our Chevrolet/GMC Truck catalog has just been updated with over 600 pages of parts and accessories for Chevrolet and GMC trucks from 1947 to 2008. Continue reading »