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Price Match Guarantee

Classic Industries® will match any competitors current advertised retail price for an identical product.

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  • If you find a product for less we'll match the price!

Classic Industries® will match any competitor's current advertised retail price for an identical product. Simply send us a copy of the competitor's advertised price from the catalog, advertisement, or website and we'll match the price. The price match guarantee is available at the time the order is placed and applies to in-stock merchandise only. Price match will be determined by a competitor's most current retail-published price and is limited to competitors within the Restoration Industry.

Sale items, kits, discount exempt products, special orders, promotional items, engines, tires, and all performance parts are exempt from the Price Matching guarantee. Classic Industries® reserves the right to decline price matching if the competitor's pricing is deemed to be a special offer, a sale, closeout price, promotional offer or an out-of-date price. Classic Industries® will contact competitors to confirm that the published price is current due to market changes, demand or availability.

Price matching supersedes all other promotional offers and on sale pricing and cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer. If Classic Industries® matches a price from a competitor, additional discounts may not apply. If the standard retail price of a product is higher than the competitor's price and an applied discount reduces the price below the competitor's pricing, the now discounted or sale pricing will prevail. Classic Industries® reserve the right to modify or revoke this offer at any time without notice. Classic Industries® reserves the right to decline price matching. This offer supersedes any and all other Classic Industries® promotions. The guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of Classic Industries® current policies.

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