Delco Energizer R59 Battery Topper Top Post

Product#: T70781

Delco Energizer R59 Battery Topper Top Post

Now you can turn any modern style battery into a vintage looking one by adding this battery topper featuring the correct special grain just as original. Battery toppers are designed to be used with any maintenance free flat...

Product#: 3415

Bumper Bolt with Conical Keps Hex Nut; Polished Stainless Steel Capped Head; 3/4" Diameter; 3/8-16" x 1"; Zinc Plated

Reproduction GM bumper bolt for a variety of General Motors and Chrysler applications. Each zinc-plated steel carriage bolt features a polished stainless steel cap for superb cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistance and long...

Product#: A11774

Interior Door Panel Clip; White Nylon; Each

This special nylon clip is designed to attach to the cardboard backing on standard style interior door panel for various models. Once installed, the panel is pushed directly into the door frame and the clips hold the panel...

Product#: 3822

Bumper Bolt with Conical Keps Hex Nut; Polished Stainless Steel Capped Head; 7/8" Diameter ; 3/8-16 x 1-1/2"; Zinc Plated

Reproduction bumper bolt for a variety of General Motors applications. Each zinc-plated steel carriage bolt features a polished stainless steel cap for superb cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistance and long life. Each bolt...

Product#: J250

OER Tri-Stic Retractable Pen with Black Ink

Ever wonder where all your pens go? Why not stock up on this eye catching inexpensive OER® black and yellow retractable pen.

Product#: OER15

OER Trade Show Lanyard

Highly visible, quality lanyards are just what you need for any trade show event or car show. Features the bright OER® logo printed on both sides of 3/4" wide sublimation polyester. Includes an attached O-ring that...

OER Trade Show Lanyard

MSRP $2.99 ea
Classic $1.99 ea

Product#: J257

OER Soft Key Tag

This soft key tag is made of a sturdy material that is thick yet pliable, and comes with a spiral key ring.

OER Soft Key Tag

MSRP $1.99 ea
Classic $0.99 ea

Product#: *PP907

OER® Gray Restoration Carpet Dye - Case of 6 - 12 Oz Aerosol Cans

Formulated to enhance and restore faded, worn or stained surfaces, our OER® Carpet Dye molecularly bonds to carpeting and dries in minutes for a finished result that will not wear off . A great product for restoring...

Product#: K4122

1947-2010 Windshield & Back Glass; Butyl Rubber Sealant Tape; 3/8" Diameter Round Ribbon; 15-Foot Roll

OER butyl rubber sealant for installing front windshield or back glass installation. Can be used on virtually all models of Chrysler, GM, and Ford that did not use a contoured molded style weatherstrip for installation of the...

Product#: 3864327

Wiring Harness Firewall Retainer Gutter; 13" Long; OER

Reproduction firewall wiring harness gutter for a wide variety of vehicles. This reproduction wire harness gutter holds the engine harness as it passes against the firewall area to protect the wiring harness as it crosses...

Product#: 342754

1969-79 Camaro, Impala, Nova, Corvette; High Performance Fan Clutch; 7-1/4"

Reproduction, application specific, factory-style high performance thermal fan clutch for various 1969-79 Chevrolet vehicles with 7-1/4" diameter fan clutch. This reproduction is not a cookie-cutter universal part. Each fan...

Product#: A7672

Headliner and Upholstery Installation Tucking Tool

This tool is great for tucking headliner or upholstery material into tedious channels without damaging the material. Headliner installation is almost never easy, but having the right tools can make it much easier. This tool...

Product#: 3899508

1959-80 Trico Windshield Wiper Blade; 15" Length; Various Models; Each

Reproduction 15 inch "TRICO Style # PR-15-2W" wiper blade for a wide variety of classic vehicle models. Each blade features stainless steel construction and is loaded with a period-correct TRICO RF-15 style insert with a...

Product#: T5BLACK

Door Jamb Vinyl Windlace ; Black ; Snap On Double Lip Style ; 20 Foot Roll

This OER® Authorized replacement-style snap on double lip style flexible windlace is often used to seal interior door jamb edges to sill plates and much more. Featuring authentic vinyl grain texture, positive gripping...

Product#: UK915

Universal Fuel Tank Anti Squeak Rubber Set; Various Models: 36" Long

This universal anti-squeak insulator set includes two rubber strips that insert in between the gas tank and the mounting straps to eliminate any noise from tank movement and vibration which may occur. One foam rubber pad...

Product#: K51020

1962-76 GM, Dodge, Plymouth; Convertible Top Boot Storage Bag; Various Models

Why leave your top boot in the trunk exposed when you can keep it safe and clean by safely storing it in this special top boot storage bag. The storage bag will help protect your vehicles top boot while being stored in the...

Product#: 986068

1955-1980; GM, Chrysler, Ford; Seat Belt Retractors; Pair

Reproduction of the original seat belt restractors designed and installed on many early GM, Chrysler, and Ford models. Seat belt retractors were a dealer option designed to be easily installed in applications not originally...

Product#: 14927

Coil Spring Spacer; 9/16" Thick; EPDM Rubber; Each

Reproduction of the original 9/16" coil spring spacer designed for various GM models. This spacer is manufactured from durable EPDM rubber. This spacer was used to correct the ride height on vehicles that did not sit level...

Product#: AL124

Accelerator Throttle Rod; Universal Fit

Universal style accelerator throttle rod for various GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth models. This accelerator rod is for use when modifications will not allow the use of the original rod between the accelerator pedal...

Product#: 7026520

1955-83 Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Olds; Cigarette Lighter Heating Element; Rochester Style

Correct reproduction cigarette lighter heating element for various 1955-83 models equipped with Rochester lighters. This element will replace the non-working original and get your lighter working again. Remove the old element...