Product#: 5630K

1966-73 Ford Fairlane, Falcon, Ranchero, Mercury Capri, Comet; Rear Leaf Spring Shackle; Rear Eyelet; LH or RH Side; Each

Reproduction rear leaf spring shackle designed for the rearward eyelet of the leaf spring on various 1966-71 Ford and Mercury models including Torino, Ranchero, Comet, and Falcon Wagons. This rear shackle kit includes 2...

Product#: 3388H

1960-77 Ford, Mercury; High Performance Coil Spring Perch

High Performance Coil Spring Perches for 1964-73 Mustang and various other Ford and Mercury models. They feature synthetic elastomer bushings that will not squeak like polyurethane. These saddles can rotate 360 degrees on the...

Product#: 5562A

1964-66 Ford/Mercury; 1" Rear Lowering Kit; Mustang/Falcon/Ranchero/Comet

1-inch rear lowering block and U-bolt kit for 1964-66 Ford and Mercury models including Mustang, Falcon, Ranchero, and Comet. These sturdy cast aluminum blocks heavy-duty extended U-bolts will lower the rear end approximately...

Product#: RL1

7/16"-20 Finished Nut; Grade 8; Domestic; Each

Nut 7/16"-20 Grade 8 Hi .625 Tall, 11/16 Hex Head. Hex nuts are six-sided, internally threaded fasteners, mated with bolts, studs, screws, and other externally threaded products. The addition of the hex nut ensures that the...

Product#: RL2

7/16" F436 Washer; Hardened; Heat-Treated; Domestic

7/16" F436 Washer. ASTM F436 covers the chemical and mechanical requirements for hardened washers in diameters ranging from 1/4? to 4? inclusive. These heat treated washers are for general purpose and structural use. For use...

Product#: 3388

1960-73 Ford, Mercury; Front Coil Spring Perch Seat And Bushing

Heavy duty spring saddle with rubber bushings, nuts & bolts & pad for 1965-1973 Mustang. This coil spring saddle can rotate on the shaft. This allows the front suspension to align freely and as necessary. These coil spring...

Product#: 5705AR4

1964-1966 Rear Leaf Spring U-Bolt Set ; Set of 4 ; Mustang, Falcon, Comet

Reproduction of the original U-bolts designed for use on 1964-66 Mustangs, 1964-65 Falcon and Comet models. These U-bolts are designed to replace the worn out or broken originals. Includes U-Bolt and attaching deep nuts and...

Product#: 5630AR

1964-67 Ford/Mercury; Hardware Set; Front of Rear Leaf Spring; Shoulder Bolt and Nut Set; Pair

Reproduction of the original style rear leaf spring bolts for 1964-67 Ford Mustang and other models. Includes 2 shoulder bolts and 2 serrated washer nuts that mount the front of the rear leaf spring to the vehicle. Replaces...

Product#: 5630H

1964-78 Mustang, 1966-70 Falcon; Bushing; Leaf Spring Front Eye; Forward Bushing

Reproduction rear leaf spring eye bushing for various Ford vehicles. These original style rubber bushings are sold individually for the front "eye" of the rear leaf spring. 2 required per vehicle.

Product#: 5630E

1960-63 Ford, Mercury; Falcon, Ranchero, Comet; Leaf Spring Shackle; Rear of Spring; LH or RH; Each

Reproduction rear leaf spring shackle for use on various 1960-63 Ford / Mercury models including Falcon, Ranchero, and Comet. Each shackle kit is manufactured to original specifications and includes 2 side plates, 4 rubber...

Product#: 904117

QA1 Coilover Jam Nut

In case you lost or just need a jam nut for your QA1 coilovers we now have them.

QA1 Coilover Jam Nut

MSRP $16.99 ea
Classic $14.99 ea

Product#: 582349

Skyjacker; Square U-Bolt; 9"; Each

Specifications: Diameter: 5/8" Width: 2-3/4" Length: 9" Features: Includes Nuts E-Coated For Corrosion Resistance Ductile Iron With Fixed Center Pins

Product#: 5781C8

1965-73 Mustang; Rear Leaf Spring Bushing Set; 1/2" OEM Style; 8 Bushing Set

Rear leaf spring bushing set for various Ford models including 1965-73 Mustangs. Features a 1/2" inch diameter bore. Each bushing is manufactured to exact factory specifications and produced in original rubber compound. Sold...

Product#: 5586

1964-73 Ford/Mercury; Rear Leaf Spring Anti-Squeak Pad; 8 Required; Various Models

Reproduction of the original leaf spring pad insulators that install between each of the rear leaf springs. These pads prevent metal to metal contact while reducing the noise made by the springs rubbing together. Sold...