Product#: W21073

1960-76 Battery Hold Down Bracket Set; Adjustable

This corrosion-resistant vinyl-coated low carbon steel hold-down with two 8.5-inch J steel bolts & wing nuts secures the battery to a small or large replacement battery tray (sold separately). The 5/16-inch thread fits a...

Product#: MD2461

1960-65 Dodge, Plymouth; Battery Hold Down Set

Replacement battery mounting hardware for 1960-65 Dodge and Plymouth models. Each set will include al necessary hardware to secure the battery to the tray on 1960-65 Dodge and Plymouth models including A-Body and B-Body...

Product#: MD2452

1960-65 Mopar A/B-Body Battery Tray Clamp

Reproduction battery cross brackets for 1960-65 Dodge and Plymouth models. Replace your damaged or missing bracket with this quality replacement, which features correct thermo-plastic coating as original.