Product#: BC75638

Be Cool Qualifier Euro-Black Dual Puller Fan 13"; 75638

This 13" dual fan is 27"W X 18"H X 3.64" D, pulling 3560 cubic feet per minute with a max amp draw of 44. This fan has a maximum engine horsepower of 550.

Product#: BC75117

Be Cool Dual Electric Fan Wiring Kit With Thermal Fan Switches; 75117

Thermostatic fan control, 195 Degrees ON and 175 Degrees OFF. Non-adjustable fn control kit.

Product#: 75095

Be Cool; Air Conditioning Electric Fan Wiring Harness Kit

Dual fan wiring harness with the proper gauge and color coordinated wire, temperature sending unit, waterproof 40 amp relays and 30 amp fuse with holder. Includes installation guide and detailed diagrams. Can be used on any...