Product#: *881392

1960-76 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth; Fuel Tank Stud and Lock Nut Set

Reproduction of the original style fuel tank mounting studs and lock nuts designed for various 1960-1976 Mopar models. Fuel tank mounting studs, also known as J-bolts, are required when replacing your fuel tank straps....

Product#: ST10572

Gas Cap; Fuel Cap; Vented; Locking; With Keys; Black Plastic

Keep thieves and vandals out of your fuel tank. Replace your stock gas cap with a locking unit. This is a vented cap. Each cap comes with two keys.

Product#: A5700249

OTB Gear Custom Sprocket Gas Cap

Gas caps are usually just a way to cover the fuel filler hole. Why not make a statement with this gas cap and custom polished finned top. The U.S. made casting is of A-356 aluminum alloy and polished to a show quality finish....

Product#: ST10800

1971-81 Chevrolet/GMC/Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge; Fuel Cap; Vented; 3-7/32"

Replace your original broken or missing gas cap with this service replacement fuel cap. This cap is manufactured to correct specifications for use on vehicles without emissions control. Considered a shallow cam style cap. May...

Product#: MP71005

1960-72 Dodge, Plymouth A-Body, 1963-64 B-Body; Fuel Tank Cap; Gray Primer; Non-Vented

Reproduction of the original primer style fuel tank cap originally designed for use on 1960-66, 1971-72 Dodge and Plymouth A-Body, and 1963-64 B-Body models as listed. Each fuel tank cap is manufactured to correct factory...

Universal Flush Mount Fuel Filler Kit

Product#: CX2140

Universal Flush Mount Fuel Filler Kit

This universal flush mount fuel filler kit can be used on any applications. The polished stainless steel filler is ideal for fuel tank conversion. Features a tethered cap, cap key, and 3 mounting holes for an easy...

Product#: 9030B

Aluminum Flip Top Fuel Cap; Universal

Universal flip top aluminum gas cap for custom applications. Made with polished aluminum components and assembled with brass hardware. Perfect for relocating your gas tank filler or making a Shelby Cobra or Eleanor tribute....