Product#: 491229

Vintage Air; Gen II Streanline 4-Knob Control Panel; Black Anodized

Gen II Streamline 4-knob control panel with black anodized finish from Vintage Air. This control panel is designed to fit into very compact dash or console positions. It is internally lighted through the soft-glow aluminum...

Product#: 492050

Rotary AC Control Panel

This super compact, easy-to-mount, 3-knob control panel delivers valuable control at your fingertips. The individual switches can be removed from the pod and mounted directly into your dash for increased design options and...

Rotary AC Control Panel

MSRP $82.99 set
Classic $74.99 set

Product#: 49205RHA

Gen II 4-Knob Base Under-Dash Control Panel with Louver

This control panel delivers infinite louver air temperature regulation and bi-level operation of A/C and heat. With simple plug-in connections no vacuum lines and fewer wires to route the panel operates our exclusive...