Product#: MN2418

Spark Plug Wire Separator Set

These high grade chrome plated plastic support brackets attach to the valve cover bolts or studs to route the plug wires neatly from the distributor, over the valve covers, and to the plugs. Keeps wires away from hot...

Product#: 8823

MSD; 6 Series Vibration Mounts

In performance applications such as off-road, racing, and marine, strong vibrations can be transmitted through the chassis to the MSD unit. To protect the MSD from excessive vibration, we recommend this vibration mount set. ...

MSD; 6 Series Vibration Mounts

MSRP $28.99 set
Classic $25.99 set

Product#: MN2417

Spark Plug Deluxe Wire Separator Set; Blue

This set of spark plug wire separators is made from high grade plastic which helps insulate the plug wires and reduce shorts and crosstalk. Includes two 4-wire separators, two 3-wire separators, and two 2-wire separators

Product#: MN2217

Mopar Performance Hemi Spark Plug Insulator/Boot Set

Mopar Performance Hemi spark plug insulator and boot set needed to service one cylinder (eight required per engine). Use with 8mm ignition wire set MN2216.