Product#: BHCH10004K

1960-76 Mopar Big Block Aluminum Bellhousing; 130 tooth/143tooth applications; All A-833, TKO and TKX.

This American Powertrain cast aluminum bellhousing connects Big Block Mopar engines to Mopar 3-Speed and 4-Speed Transmissions (A-833, A-903, A-250, and A-230) or Ford-style TKX and TKO transmissions. Designed as a compact,...

Product#: BPN002

1957-79 Mopar Small Block; Bell Housing Dust Cover

Reproduction steel dust cover for use with 10.5" bell housings on small block models. Front two bolt holes are spaced 15 5/8" apart while the rear outside holes are spaced 11 1/4" apart. {specs}

Product#: BPN001

1969-1978 Dodge; Plymouth; Chrysler; 10-1/2" Clutch Housing Upper Dust Pan Seal/Flywheel Cover; Small Block; Manual Transmission

Excellent reproduction of the clutch housing dust pan seal/upper flywheel cover used on 1969-78 small block manual transmission applications with the 10 1/2" clutch. Formed from the correct gauge steel sheet with all of the...

Product#: ML18350

1968-73 A-Body; 1970 E-Body; Dodge; Plymouth; A/T Kickdown Bell Crank Pivot Assembly; with 340ci Engine

Reproduction of the automatic transmission kick-down linkage bell crank pivot assembly used on all 1968-73 340 A-Body and 1970 340 4-barrel E-Body applications. Formed with all of the details of an original part and clear...

Product#: MD2529

1962-74 Mopar A, B & E-Body; Clutch Fork Boot

Reproduction clutch fork boot for 1962-74 Mopar A, B, C and E-Body models. Mounts on the side of the bell housing around the clutch release lever. Designed for an authentic appearance, fit and function, this boot is produced...