Product#: 748621

1967-69 Camaro, Firebird; Plastic Clip Set; Radiator Support To Hood Seal; 9 Piece Set

Reproduction of the radiator support to hood seal clip set designed for 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird models with air conditioning. Each clip is injection molded to original specifications. Clips are designed to hold the hood...

Product#: MP6508

1967-72 Dodge, Plymouth A-Body; Starter / Transmission Linkage Splash Shield

Starter/transmission linkage splash shield for A-Body vehicles. Comes with 9 staples and a drill bit for installation. Original factory assembly line manual shows 9 staples to be used but we have seen anywhere from 5 to 7...

Product#: MD2395

Mopar Distributor Wire Grommet

Reproduction of the grommet for the distributor wire. This grommet was originally equipped on all Mopar vehicles with points ignition and a distributor.

Product#: MA9874

1967-76 Dodge/Plymouth A-Body; Hood To Cowl Seal; With Clips

Reproduction of the original hood to cowl seal weatherstrip for use on 1967-76 Mopar A-body models. This weatherstrip will help keep water and dirt out of the engine bay by sealing the area between the cowl panel and hood....

Product#: 153812

Weatherstrip Application Lubricant; 4 oz. Bottle; Makes Weatherstrip Installation Easier!

Precision's weatherstrip lube significantly reduces friction, thereby reducing the installation force required to assemble parts & fittings. Helps to avoid injuries related to slippage and repetitive stress, reduces rejects,...

Product#: MD2092

1960-76 Mopar Master Cylinder Gasket - Various Models

Reproduction of the original factory-style replacement master cylinder gasket designed for use on mosr models with or without power brakes. Each gasket replicates the original in fit and functionality. Fits the various models...