Product#: MD2077

1962-78 Dodge/Plymouth A, B & E-Body; Hood Adjust Bumper

Factory style replacement hood adjust bumper for 1962-78 A, B and E-Body models. Designed to factory specifications and manufactured in rubber to correctly replace the hood adjust bumper. This bumper features a 1-1/4" outer...

Product#: MA9819

1967-74 Dodge/Plymouth A-Body; Rubber Bumper Set

Factory-style reproduction rubber bumper set for various 1967-74 Dodge & Plymouth A-body models. Set includes (see note below): Door bumpers Hood side bumpers Hood adjust bumpers Ashtray bumpers Glove box bumpers ...

Product#: MD2075

1968-74 Dodge/Plymouth A, B & E-Body; Hood Side/Trunk Rubber Bumper; 7/8" X 7/8"

Factory-style replacement hood side stop and trunk bumper for various 1968-74 Mopar A, B and E-Body models. Designed to factory specifications to correctly replace the hood side stop or trunk bumper. Sold individually.

Product#: MD2068

1971-79 Dodge/Plymouth A,B,E Body; Door Rubber Bumper; Each

Factory-style reproduction of the rubber door bumper that mounts to the door on 1972-79 Mopar A, B and E-Body vehicles. This rubber bumper is manufactured as original offering an authentic appearance and fit. Designed as an...

Product#: MA9824

1971-74 Dodge/Plymouth A-Body; Hood Side Rubber Bumper

OER reproduction hood side rubber bumper for the various 1971-74 Dodge and Plymouth A-Body models listed. Designed to factory specifications to correctly replace the hood stop bumper. Sold individually. Applications:...

Product#: MD2078

1964-74 Dodge, Plymouth A, B, E-Body; Hood Adjustment Bumper; Rubber; Each

Reproduction of the original trink and hood rubber stopper designed for use on 1964-74 A/B and E body hoods. Manufactured to OE specs in the correct configuration. Measures 1-1/4" O.D., 3/4" large hole, 7/16" small hole, 1/2"...

Product#: MD2081

1966-74 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth A, B & E-Body; Trunk Rubber Bumper; Each

Reproduction of the original trunk rubber bumper designed for use on 1966-74 Mopar A, B, and E body models. Each bumper is desgigned and manufactured to original factory specifications in the correct configuration. Sold...

Product#: 4410574

Rubber Floor Pan Plug; 1-1/4" Dia. Fits 1" hole.Each

Reproduction rubber floor pan plug measures 1-1/4" diameter and fits a 1" hole. Sold individually, use as required.

Product#: MD2071

1966-74 Dodge, Plymouth; Glove Box Rubber Bumper; Each

Reproduction of the original glove box rubber stopper designed for use on many 1966-74 Dodge and Plymouth models. Factory-style replacement glove box door rubber bumper manufactured to OE specs in the correct configuration....

Product#: MD2526

1963-74 Mopar A, B & E-Body Clutch Pedal Stop Bumper

Replacement clutch pedal stop bumper for various manual transmission-equipped 1963-74 Dodge and Plymouth applications. Manufactured in rubber as original for an authentic appearance. Applications: 1963-74 A-Body 1963-74...

Product#: 3868790

1955-1981 GM; Firewall Pad Fastener; Each

This reproduction firewall pad fastener is designed to hold the firewall insulation pad in place on various 1955-81 General Motors models. Each fastener is manufactured from EPDM rubber replicating the original configuration...

Product#: 3698109

1951-75 Convertible Power Top Motor Mounting Grommet - Each

Reproduction of the original rubber mounting / insulation grommet used on various GM vehicles with the optional power top. These rubber grommets install on the pump assembly and secure it to the vehicle while creating a...

Product#: LW20530

Large Traction Bar Rubber Snubber

Replace your worn out or missing traction bar rubber snubbers with these quality units manufactured by Lakewood traction bars. Sold as a pair. Made in U SA Important: LW20470, LW20475 require small bumpers which are...

Product#: MD2114

1960-76 Dodge/Plymouth; Rubber Body and Trunk Plug; 1-7/8"; Each

Reproduction of the original style body and trunk rubber plug designed for use on most 1960-76 Dodge or Plymouth models where a 1-7/8" hole plug is required. Manufactured in quality rubber material for an original appearance,...

Product#: 153812

Weatherstrip Application Lubricant; 4 oz. Bottle; Makes Weatherstrip Installation Easier!

Precision's weatherstrip lube significantly reduces friction, thereby reducing the installation force required to assemble parts & fittings. Helps to avoid injuries related to slippage and repetitive stress, reduces rejects,...