Product#: WB20

1960-81 Front Outer Wheel Bearing

Premium quality replacement outer wheel bearing for all 1967-78 Camaro models. Replace your worn out original wheel bearings to maintain proper alignment and smooth rolling. Always check the bearings whenever removing the...

Product#: 6815

1955-97 Front Wheel Seals

A quality replacement front wheel grease seal. These seals should always be replaced when servicing your wheel bearings. Dodge Applications: 1973-1974 Challenger 1973-1976 Dart Edsel Applications: 1958-1958 Bermuda...

1955-97 Front Wheel Seals

MSRP $4.99 ea
Classic $3.99 ea

Product#: *MR5003

1973-76 Mopar A-Body With 10" Drums Brakes Front Wheel Bearing And Seal Kit

Quit searching for all the individual components you need when replacing your worn out wheel bearings and seals. Buy the complete kit to save time and money! Kit includes: Two inner wheel bearings with races T wo...

Product#: SL3161

High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease

When replacing or just repacking your wheel bearings, don?t use ordinary grease. Protect those bearings with a high quality, high temperature bearing grease. This is a very stable aluminized complex thickened grease used...

Product#: Y12600

Bearing Race And Seal Driver Set

When it comes time to install bearing races, you?ll find this tool to be an excellent way of saving time. Includes all you need to install or remove bearing races.

Bearing Race And Seal Driver Set

MSRP $54.99 set
Classic $49.99 set

Product#: Y56750

Seal Puller

This tool is great for pulling oil or grease seals. Convenient tool that comes in handy when needed.

Seal Puller

MSRP $23.99 ea
Classic $20.99 ea