Product#: 5098

MSD; Mopar Small And Big Block; Dynaforce Starter

MSD DynaForce starters are designed for severe duty, high compression applications. The 3.4 hp motor uses a 4.4:1 gear reduction to easily start even an 18:1 small block or big block Mopar engines with a lower current draw...

Product#: 66269-BCHW

High Torque Starter. 100% New. Fits Chrysler Lightweight, V6 & V8, 1.4 Kw, 14:1 Comp.

High-torque, gear-reduction design. 100% NEW, not rebuilt. The high-torque, high-output motor spins the engine over faster than stock starters, delivering more cranking power. 4.41-to-1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full...

Product#: 66256SH-BCHW

Replacement Shim Kit For P/N 66256

Fits Proform Starter #66256 for Small/Big Block Chevy

Product#: 440415-BCHW

High Torque Starter; Chrysler V6 or V8, 4.41:1 Gear Reduction Ratio

Featuring the retro-style Mopar Emblem, this high-torque, gear-reduction design starter is made entirely of 100 percent NEW, not rebuilt components. Offset design results in more clearance between the oil pan and the starter....

Product#: 67406-BCHW

Remote Starter Switch

No more jumping from under the hood, to the front seat, to under the hood! Easily test your engine with the PROFORM Remote Starter Switch.

Remote Starter Switch

MSRP $23.99 ea
Classic $20.99 ea

Product#: 66256P-BCHW

Replacement Pinion For P/N 66256, 66258 & 66259.

Replacement for Starter #66256, #66258, #66259, and other similar models

Product#: S9518

Drivers Side Mount Performance High-Torque Light Weight Starter 168 Tooth Flywheel

Classic now offers high torque starters that will replace your original with upgraded performance.This high torque, light weight performance starter features 200 ft. lbs. of torque, 4.4:1 gear reduction, billet aluminum...