Product#: K922

1970-81 Camaro / Firebird; Side Hood Rubber Stopper

Correct replacement hood rubber stopper including correct configuration and design. Manufactured in rubber material same as original. Sold individually. 4 required per vehicle.

Product#: *R5107

1970-81 Camaro; Weatherstrip Kit; w/Outer Door Reveal Molding, w/OEM Window Felts; w/o T-Tops

Reproduction of the original style weatherstripping designed for use with 1970-81 Camaro models without the optional T-Tops. Keep your interior protected from the elements and reduce cabin noise by replacing your dried-out,...

Product#: K4122

1947-2010 Windshield & Back Glass; Butyl Rubber Sealant Tape; 3/8" Diameter Round Ribbon; 15-Foot Roll

OER butyl rubber sealant for installing front windshield or back glass installation. Can be used on virtually all models of Chrysler, GM, and Ford that did not use a contoured molded style weatherstrip for installation of the...

Product#: 3864327

Wiring Harness Firewall Retainer Gutter; 13" Long; OER

Reproduction firewall wiring harness gutter for a wide variety of vehicles. This reproduction wire harness gutter holds the engine harness as it passes against the firewall area to protect the wiring harness as it crosses...

Product#: CA171A

1970-79 Camaro, Firebird; Door Windowfelt Set; Outer; RH and LH; with Flat Chrome Bead; 2 Piece Set

Reproduction of the outer front door window felts for 1970-81 Camaro and Firebird models. Each weatherstip is manufactured to factory specifications and features correct mounting locations for installation. Each felt features...

Product#: 3061316

1975-79 Chevrolet Nova/GM X-Body; Trunk Weatherstrip Seal; Except Hatchback Models

Replace your trunk weatherstrip and stop leaks which could cause severe damage and rust to your trunk pan and entire trunk area. Keep your trunk area water tight and completely sealed when closed ensuring the trunk pan is...

Product#: K235

1978-81 Camaro, Firebird; Fisher T-Top Panel Weatherstrips, Pair

Reproduction of the original Fisher style T-top panel weatherstripping designed for use on 1978-81 Camaro and Firebird models. These weatherstrips attach to the removable roof glass to eliminate rattles and noise and keep...

Product#: 3963723

1970-81 Camaro / Firebird; Heater Pipe Grommet; with AC

Reproduction heater pipe grommet for vehicles originally equipped with air conditioning. Each grommet is manufactured to replicate the original in quality and design. Features a rubber outer body with a metal base ensuring an...

Product#: CR1064

1973-91 Chevy, GMC Crew Cab Pickup, Suburban 4 Door; Rear Door Windowfelt Kit; Beltline Moldings; 4 Piece Set

Reproduction rear door windowfelt anti rattle horizontal beltline weatherstrip for Crew Cab and Suburban models with 4 doors. Installs on the inside and outside of the rear window on the rear door. Each 4 piece set of...

Product#: *CR1108

1977-80 Chevy, GMC Pickup, Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban; Beltline Door Windowfelt Weatherstrip; Antirattle Seal; Inner & Outer; 4 Piece Set

Reproduduction of the original horizontal weatherstripping designed for use on a variety of 1977-80 Chevrolet and GMC truck models. This quality door window felt set is designed to replace both the inner and outer door...

1958-85 Various GM Models; Black Billet Aluminum; Hood Adjustment; Bumpers: Pair

Product#: WS10960Z

1958-85 Various GM Models; Black Billet Aluminum; Hood Adjustment; Bumpers: Pair

Replacement billet aluminum hood adjustment bumpers for various GM applications including Impala, Skylark, Tempest models. Replace the original rubber hood adjuster stoppers with a correctly configured black billet aluminum...

Product#: TF300249

1955-59 Truck, 1955 Car 4-Hole Wire Harness Grommet (Large)

Reproduction of the large 4-hole firewall wire harness grommet for all 1955 Chevrolet cars and 1955-59 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. Can also be used for custom or as a universal fit grommet for other applications. Measures 1...

Product#: 4410574

Rubber Floor Pan Plug; 1-1/4" Dia. Fits 1" hole.Each

Reproduction rubber floor pan plug measures 1-1/4" diameter and fits a 1" hole. Sold individually, use as required.

Product#: A4441

1967-69 Camaro, Firebird, 1968-79 Nova; Front Door Bumper

Correct replacement front door rubber bumper for 1967-1969 Camaro, Firebird, 1967-70 Impala, Full Size, 1968-79 Nova, X body 4 door models. Each bumper is replicated to the original OE specifications and fits the door...

Product#: A4447

1968-81 Trunk Lid Bumper On Lid; 7/8" Diameter, 1/2" thick

Correct replacement bumper to eliminate the lid from touching the body and causing unnecessary damage. Dimensions: Body Diameter: 7/8" Body Height: 1/2" Mounting hole diameter: 7/32" Overall Height: 13/16" ...

Product#: 3973952

1958-84 GM; Outer Rear Hood Rubber Stoppers; Pair; Various Models

Reproduction of the original outer rear hood bumpers designed for use on various GM models as listed. Each bumper is manufactured to quality EPDM rubber compound and matches the original in dimensions allowing proper fitment....

Product#: *R5106

1970-81 Camaro without Outer Door Reveal Molding or T-Tops Weatherstrip Kit with OEM Style Felts

Keep your interior protected from the elements and reduce cabin noise by replacing your dried-out, cracked or just plain missing original weatherstrip with this reproduction weatherstrip kit. Each weatherstrip component is...

Product#: K234

1978-81 Camaro, Firebird; Fisher T Top Body Weatherstrip Seal; Pair; OER

Reproduction of the original Fisher T-top roof panel weatherstrip designed for use on 1978-81 models. The weatherstripping attaches to the removable glass roof panels and the roof surrounding the glass. Each weatherstrip unit...

Product#: A1031

Nylon Fastener; 13/64" Dia. Stem; 13/32" Stem Length; For Door/Header Weatherstrip; Natural

This reproduction door weatherstrip clip is used on most GM vehicles which require plastic push in clips. These hook into holes in the door rubber weatherstripping and hold the weatherstrip to the door. Also used on Most GM...

Product#: 9632840

1970-81 Camaro / Firebird Roof Rail Weatherstrip Blow Out Clips

These rubber dipped spring steel clips are used to properly retain your roof rail weatherstrips to the roof rail strip. This part is manufactured from die formed steel and features a rubberized coating as original. Each clip...