Product#: 6593-BDVJ

Edelbrock Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor Narrow Band

The Edelbrock part #6593 Narrow Band LED Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor was designed for use with all aftermarket carburetor and EFI kits. The kit comes complete with an LED light display, oxygen sensor, sensor bung and wire harness....

Product#: E2692

Carburetor Adapter, Open Center, Spread Bore Carburetor to Square Bore 4 Barrel Manifold; 2692

This Edelbrock carburetor adaptor is designed to mount 4-bbl Rochester Quadra jet carburetors to square-bore, single plane intake manifolds. The adaptor weighs two pounds and one ounce and ships via UPS. 2692...

Product#: 3578-BDVJ

Edelbrock ;Air Charge Temperature Sensor

The Edelbrock #3578 Air Temp Sensor is for push in connections. This Edelbrock #36018 Air Temp Sensor includes a rubber grommet and has a range from -40 to 284 Deg Fahrenheit.

Product#: E8059

Edelbrock Hot Idle Solenoid Kit

The Edelbrock Idle Compensator Kit #8059 is designed for use with Edelbrock AVS2, Performer and Thunder series AVS carbs. This Edelbrock Idle Compensator kit maintains correct idle speed when the air conditioning is on. The...

Product#: E9141

Edelbrock GM Throttle Rod Shoulder Studs

These Edelbrock throttle rod shoulder studs are designed to fit over the carburetor's throttle lever. They will fit all Edelbrock Performer and Thunder AVS series carburetors. The Edelbrock throttle rod shoulder studs will...