Product#: *R304513D

1973-94 Gray Leather / Chrome Spokes Steering Wheel Kit with Cross Flags Horn Button

If your original steering wheel is worn, uncomfortable, or outdated, replace it with this modern padded leather steering wheel kit. Features a thick padded leather grip for comfort and a classic center spoke design...

Product#: X2291

Steering Wheel Puller

Pulls steering wheels on most vehicles. Floating swivel on center screw prevents damage to steering column. Three sets of side bolts are included. 3/8-16 UNC, 5/16-18 UNF, 5/16" - 24.

Steering Wheel Puller

MSRP $31.99 set
Classic $28.99 set

Product#: SMP1

Universal Steering Wheel Puller For 4" Hubs

Fits vehicles with 4" hubs. Complete with standard and machine threaded bolts. Includes the yoke, pressure screw and 3 sets of pulling screws with washers and swivel. Heat treated for strength. Fits great in a small toolbox.