Product#: F15925

Flowmaster; 3" Collector To 2.5" System; Header Collector Ball Flange Set

This header collector set takes the place of messy three-bolt, flange-type connections and allows for a leak-free and gasket-free ball-flange type connection. Made in USA Emission Note: 50- State Legal This part is legal...

Product#: 21103

Hedman Hedders; 3-Bolt Header Flange Reducers; 3" To 2-1/2"; Mild Steel

3-bolt flange header reducers from Hedman Hedders. These reducers have two flat mating surfaces with a gasket for a leak-free joint. Necessary gaskets and hardware included.

Product#: 21114

Hedman Hedders; 3" Ball & Socket Header Reducers; 3" To 2-1/4"; Mild Steel

3" ball and socket style header reducers from Hedman Hedders. 2-1/4" Exhaust System, Mild Steel. Necessary hardware included. {specs}

Product#: 60406

Painless Oxygen Sensor Bung Fitting

Weld-in oxygen sensor fitting for all fuel injection systems. Fits TBI, TPI, CMFI, LT1, LSX, 5.0L and most other oxygen sensors. Important: This part requires welding for installation. Professional installation is...

Product#: 66757

PROFORM Wedge-Locking Collector Bolts & Nuts 3/8"-16 Thread Diameter - 1" Long (Set of 6)

PROFORM Grade 8 (12.9 steel) exhaust collector bolts and nuts are designed to keep bolts from getting loose. These permanently assembled bolts feature special washers with super-hardened serrated teeth that, when sufficiently...