Product#: 3973952

1958-84 GM; Outer Rear Hood Rubber Stoppers; Pair; Various Models

Reproduction of the original outer rear hood bumpers designed for use on various GM models as listed. Each bumper is manufactured to quality EPDM rubber compound and matches the original in dimensions allowing proper fitment....

Product#: 7712535

1959-79 Buick, Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile; Seat Back Bumper; Oval Style; Each; Various Models

Reproduction of the original oval style seat back bumper designed for use on various 1959-79 GM vehicles. Each bumper is manufactured in hard rubber including a steel core for added strength. The bumper is installed where the...

Product#: MD2080

1964-66 GM & Ford; Hood Adjust Rubber Bumper; 2 1/8" Long Bolt; Each; Various Models

Reproduction of the original hood adjustment bumper designed for use on various GM and Ford models. Manufactured to correct specifications, each bumper includes correct threaded length and rubber top. Features a 1" diameter...

Product#: 4410574

Rubber Floor Pan Plug; 1-1/4" Dia. Fits 1" hole.Each

Reproduction rubber floor pan plug measures 1-1/4" diameter and fits a 1" hole. Sold individually, use as required.

Product#: 154563

1963-69 Oldsmobile; Rubber Plug; Trunk Floor; 1-3/8" O.D.; For 1" Diameter Hole

Trunk Floor Rubber Plug for the drain hole in various 1963-69 Oldsmobile models. Measures 1-3/8" outer diameter for 1" diameter hole. Sold individually.

Product#: 156459A

1959-64 GM; Door Lock Pillar Bumper; 1" x 1"; Each

Door lock pillar bumper for some 1959-64 Oldsmobile models, 1959-64 Buicks, and 1959-64 Cadillacs except Fleetwood 75. Similar in design to part # 156459 but shorter; measures 1 inch by 1 inch. Self retained, fits into a...

Product#: 156459

1959-64 GM; Door Lock Pillar Bumper; 1-15/16" x 1"; Each

Door pillar bumper for 1959-60 Oldsmobile Holiday Coupes and convertibles. Also used on 1959-64 Cadillac models except Series 75, and 1959-64 Buicks. Measures 1-15/16 inches by 1 inch; fits into a rectangular slot. Sold...

Product#: 156450

1949-60 GM Door Lock Pillar Bumper; With Screw

Round door lock pillar bumper for many 1949-57 Oldsmobile, 1941-60 Buick, and 1953-58 Cadillac closed models that use a screw retained bumper. Sold individually, screw included.

Product#: K980

1961-79 GM; Bucket Seat Back Rubber Stopper Set; Round; w/Mounting Screws; Pair

Reproduction of the original seat back rubber stoppers designed for use on various 1961-79 GM models. These rubber stoppers help prevent rattling and keep the seat back positioned correctly. Replace worn out or missing seat...

Product#: 3868790

1955-1981 GM; Firewall Pad Fastener; Each

This reproduction firewall pad fastener is designed to hold the firewall insulation pad in place on various 1955-81 General Motors models. Each fastener is manufactured from EPDM rubber replicating the original configuration...

Product#: 3698109

1951-75 Convertible Power Top Motor Mounting Grommet - Each

Reproduction of the original rubber mounting / insulation grommet used on various GM vehicles with the optional power top. These rubber grommets install on the pump assembly and secure it to the vehicle while creating a...

Product#: CS81

1969-81 GM; Fuel Door Rubber Bumper; Various Models; Each

Correct reproduction of the original fuel door rubber bumper designed for use on various 1965-81 GM models. Each bumper is designed to replicate the original. Manufactured in hard rubber material for long lasting use. 7/8"...

Product#: 156530

1930-60 GM; Rubber Stop; For Windlace Top

Rubber 'cap' that attaches to the top of the door jamb windlace on many 1930's to 1960's Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac convertibles and two door hardtops. A piece which is often missing or deteriorated. Sold in pairs.

Product#: A4250

1938-91 GM; Consol & Glove Box Rubber Stoppers; Fits 1/4" Hole; Pair

Eliminate the rattling and looseness of the glove box or console door by simply replacing worn out or missing rubber stoppers with these high quality reproduction rubber stoppers. Designed for use with a variety of 1938-1991...

Product#: 340999

1954-1981 Hood Adjustor Bumper and Stud - Various GM vehicles

Reproduction 5/16-18 x 1-1/2" hood bumper. Includes correctly threaded stud with a 1" diameter x 1/2" tall round rubber top. Helps keep the hood aligned when installed. Can be adjusted higher or lower. 2 hood adjust bumpers...

Product#: 9810036

1970-90 GM; Lower Door Window Stop Bumper; Each

Correct reproduction rubber stop bumper designed to keep the door glass from rolling down beyond the required travel point. Each stopper is manufactures from quality EPDM rubber and features a press fit retaining tab for easy...

Product#: 4721222

1958-72 GM Trunk Lid Rubber Stopper; Each; Buick, Chevy, Olds, Pontiac

Correct OER« reproduction of the original trunk lid rubber bumpers designed for use with various 1960-72 GM models. Manufactured to factory specifications including correct stud to adjust for height concerns. Eliminates the...

Product#: 1362014

1970-87 Buick, Chevrolet, Olds, Pontiac; Control Arm Bumper; Upper; Various Models

Reproduction control arm bumper for Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac models. Each upper control arm bumper is manufactured in the correct dimension using quality hardened EPDM rubber ensuring a quality reproduction...

Product#: ME510

1961-74 Glove Box Door Bumper; Fuel Door Bumper; for 3/16" Hole; Each

Factory-style reproduction of the original glove box and fuel door rubber bumpers designed for use on a wide variety of 1961-74 GM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth vehicles as listed. Each bumper is manufactured in quality EPDM...

Product#: 153812

Weatherstrip Application Lubricant; 4 oz. Bottle; Makes Weatherstrip Installation Easier!

Precision's weatherstrip lube significantly reduces friction, thereby reducing the installation force required to assemble parts & fittings. Helps to avoid injuries related to slippage and repetitive stress, reduces rejects,...