Product#: DD600041

Dakota Digital; External Antenna;

This is an extension antenna with cable from Dakota Digital, which threads easily into your GPS sensor unit. This extension allows you to hide the GPS sensor anywhere in your vehicle and still have your receiver acquire the...

Product#: 18813J

1964-65 Falcon; Radio Antenna Assembly; With Round Base

Reproduction of the original 1964-65 Falcon and Comet antenna assembly. This complete assembly includes the round base, gasket, bezel, cable and mast. Everything you need to completely replace the original antenna.

Product#: 18813B

1965-79 Ford Radio Antenna Mast - Rectangular Base with Telescoping Mast

Replace the old or missing antenna mast with the beautifully reproduced reproduction of the original style telescopic mast. For use on 1968 Mustangs with rectangular base and telescoping style mast. The rectangular base was...

Product#: 18898

1964-67 Mustang; Antenna Base Mounting Pad Grommet

Reproduction of the original antenna mounting gasket designed to fit between the antenna bezel and the fender. Manufactured in quality compression molded neoprene rubber. Fits 1964-68 Mustang and 1960-65 Falcon and 1960-65...