Product#: K17000

Headliner Glue with Brush (4 Oz.)

Correct adhesive formula used to adhere the headliner to the roof panel. This is specially designed for use with early style headliners. Each can contains 4 fluid ounces and comes with a handy brush for easy application.

Product#: 39187

3M General Trim Adhesive

3M General Trim Adhesive bonds automotive materials such as carpeting, vinyl, fabrics, and plastics to metal and other hard, impervious surfaces. Our high-strength adhesive offers good heat and water resistance. 3M General...

3M General Trim Adhesive

MSRP $43.99 ea
Classic $39.99 ea

Product#: 03601

3M Plastic Emblem & Trim Adhesive

3M Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive is ideal for bonding and minor repairs on vinyl molding, interior trim, tail light lenses, plastic and metal emblems on interiors or exteriors. It dries quickly and is resistant to...

Product#: DE050490

DEI Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive - Net Weight 13.3 oz.

DEI Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive provides high strenght adhesion that bonds a wide variety of DEI Boom Mat Products. Ideal for the installation of DEI Heat Screen, D-Mat, Under Carpet, and UC Lite.

Product#: S81787

Quick Set Auto Epoxy

When it comes to making sure those small moldings, ornaments, emblems, knobs, etc. will stay where you want, the Quick Set Epoxy will do the trick! Fast curing, non shrinking, colorless epoxy in a convenient 2 part dispensing...

Quick Set Auto Epoxy

MSRP $5.99 ea
Classic $4.99 ea

Product#: 08609

3M® "Super Fast" Black Urethane Windshield Adhesive

Rapid-curing adhesive/sealant intended for all flush-mounted and bonded windshield or back glass replacements. 10 fl. oz. cartridge.

Product#: *K89549

OER® Black Wrinkle Finish Paint Case of 6 - 16 Oz Aerosol Cans

Black Wrinkle finish is a durable and long lasting finish, which has a unique, wrinkled texture. Its excellent finish for hiding imperfections like pitting, scratches or chips. Extremely durable formula resists oil, gas and...

Product#: B11608

Dark Gray Body Seam Sealer; 5 Strands; 13" Long Roll x .19" Diameter Bead

This seam sealer also known as strip caulk can be used to adhere a variety of parts; air ducts, body openings, door panels water shields, emblems, fenders, floor plugs, kick panels, fuel tank, filler neck, firewall openings,...

Product#: G5231

GM Instant Gel Adhesive

Quick drying instant gel adhesive is great for all minor automotive adhesions. This strong bonding gel is great for loose interior trim, emblems, chrome trim and other items requiring fast and safe bonding. 2 grams.

GM Instant Gel Adhesive

MSRP $4.99 ea
Classic $3.99 ea

Product#: S11067

Rear View Mirror Adhesive

This rear view mirror adhesive is approved by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and is designed to permanently remount mirrors to windshields. Achieves handling strength in seconds and mirror mounting strength in 15 minutes. ...

Rear View Mirror Adhesive

MSRP $5.99 ea
Classic $4.99 ea

Product#: 08001

3M® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive - Yellow

This yellow colored adhesive is used for bonding and sealing weatherstripping to trunk and doors. It is also an excellent general purpose adhesive which is: Fast drying Waterproof Flexible (rubbery) Resists oil, grease...

Product#: S81878

Permatex® #110B Copper High Temp Silicone Gasket Maker

For use with turbo-charged engines or high performance models. The most advanced, hi-temperature silicone gasket available. Sensor safe, low odor, non corrosive. Outstanding oil resistance and joint movement values. ...

Product#: S80022

Permatex® #6B Blue RTV 3 Oz Silicone Gasket Maker

The original blue formula replaces almost any cut or torn gasket. Makes reliable formed in place gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating. Coats pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability. Temperature range...

Product#: S80016

Permatex® 2B 3 Oz Form A Gasket Sealant

Slow drying, non-hardening sealant designed for sealing cut gaskets and stamped parts. Allows for easy disassembly if required. Has a temperature range of -65°F to 400°F. Use where sealing is more important than...

Product#: S80021

Permatex Original Indian Head Gasket Shellac Compound; 2 oz. Bottle

Permatex Original Gasket Shellac Compound is an original quality formula, hard setting, economical sealant that seals all common gasketing materials in low temperature and low pressure applications. Note:Hose connections,...

Product#: K4125

OER Authorized Urethane Windshield Adhesive Sealant; 10 fluid ounce cartridge

Rapid-curing one-component adhesive/sealant intended for all flush-mounted and bonded windshield, side glass, or back glass replacement. Comes in a 10 fl. oz. cartridge for use in a standard cartridge-style caulking gun....

Product#: K4126

OER Authorized Urethane Windshield Adhesive Sealant; 20 Fluid Ounce; 600 ML Flex Pack

Rapid-curing one-component adhesive/sealant intended for all flush-mounted and bonded windshield, side glass, or back glass replacement. Comes in a 20 fl. oz. flex-pack or sausage-pack for use in a professional pneumatic,...

Product#: 08008

3M® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive - Black

3M auto sealer is a black flowable product for installing weatherstrip that requires glue, or repairing leaks between glass and rubber or metal surfaces. Permanently seals windshields, back glass and other places where...

Product#: 06377

1/2" x 60" Scotch-Mount Attachment Tape

This closed cell foam tape is coated on both sides with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed for attaching trim moldings, emblems and other articles where high internal strength is required.

Product#: TT12002

Aluminum 11 Oz Hi Heat Coating

To finish off a clean and well-protected Exhaust Insulating Wrap application it is recommended to use the Hi-Heat Coating. The coating will protect the wrap from abrasion and harmful liquid spills. Extra resins and binders...