Product#: STAPLES

Staple For Inner Fender Splash Apron, 1/2 inch

Correct staple to install fender skirt splash aprons for various models. 1/2" wide, 1/2" deep.

Product#: 153812

Weatherstrip Application Lubricant; 4 oz. Bottle; Makes Weatherstrip Installation Easier!

Precision's weatherstrip lube significantly reduces friction, thereby reducing the installation force required to assemble parts & fittings. Helps to avoid injuries related to slippage and repetitive stress, reduces rejects,...

Product#: 9072A

1966-81 Ford/Mercury; Gas Tank Filler Pipe Rubber Seal

Gas tank filler pipe seal for various 1966-81 Ford and Mercury models including Mustang, Maverick, Comet, and Ranchero. Designed for use on the original gas tank and filler pipe. If a reproduction fuel tank or filler pipe is...