Product#: VA04808

Sanden 508 A/C Compressor; w/ 2-Groove V-Belt Clutch Pulley; Natural Finish; SD508; Vintage Air

The SD 508 compressor is recommended for any Vintage Air system. It pumps 8.4 cubic inches per revolution with a maximum 6000 sustained RPM range. Available in standard finish or polished as shown. Fits all Vintage Air...

Product#: 04700

Sanden SD 508 Rear Exit AC Compressor 134A

Sanden SD 508 rear exit compressor, double V-groove pulley, rear exit with a standard finish. Excellent solution to low hood clearance issues. SD 508 compressor with rear exit #8 and #10 male 0-ring fittings. Compatible with...

Product#: 31703

AC Refrigerant Hose Kit; Without Drier; For 134a

Includes adequate hose length to connect most universal systems, 14 assorted O-ring fittings and refrigerant oil. Includes 135 compressor fittings with service ports and firewall bulk head fittings. Includes 6 ft. of # 6...

Product#: VA07310VUQ

Chrome AC Compressor

Chrome Drier with Bracket. Features a built in mounting bracket and compact size 2.5 IN. x 6 IN.

Chrome AC Compressor

MSRP $90.99 ea
Classic $81.99 ea

Product#: G5139

1962-85 GM Compressor Oil Pump

Compressor Internal Oil Pump: Rebuild your original compressor. The internal oil pump assembly originally installed on axial style air conditioning compressors. Consists of an 1 inner and 1 outer rotor.

Product#: G9777

1962-75 GM Comp Cyl Locator Pin

Compressor Cylinder Locator Pin: Correct cylinder locating pin used for the compressor cylinder. For use on all 1962-85 axial compressors.

Product#: FS24619

O-Ring Seal Set; Air Conditioning Compressor Seals

Replacement O-ring set or evaporator core housing seal set for various GM models. The O-ring in the set measures 5-1/64" x 9/64" thick. Sold individually. Replaces OE #'s 6558587, 19188276, 2724674. Product Specifications:...

Product#: 07113VUB

Drier Mounting Bracket

Standard drier mounting bracket. Two required.

Product#: 685000

Monster Trunk Vacuum System - Cool Only

This trunk-mounted system delivers in mass volume and is great for larger cars. Molded dual louvers mount to back seat package tray. Switch pod mounts under the dash. May be used as part of a dual air system too.

Product#: 046705

Sanden; SD-7B10 Front Runner; Compressor; 6-groove Serpentine Pulley; Chrome Finish

Sanden SD-7B10 front runner compressor 6-groove serpentine pulley chrome finish. Compact but high-performance compressor used on our award-winning Front Runner Accessory Drive systems. It pumps 6.1 cubic inches per...

Product#: 04709

Vintage Air Sanden 709 7-Groove Sperpentine Belt 134A AC Compressor - Natural Finish

Vintage Air standard finish Sanden SD 709 air conditioning compressor w/ 7-groove serpentine belt pulley. The SD 709 compressor is compatible with any Vintage Air system and fits all Vintage Air brackets. It pumps 9.5 cubic...

Product#: 03262

SuperFlow Horizontal AC Condenser; 14" x 22"; Universal Fit

Horizontal SuperFlow Condenser with brackets 14 IN. tall x 22 IN. wide x .83 IN. thick. Perfect for late-model cars with more grill area. With male O-ring fittings. Top NO 8 bottom NO 6.

Product#: 07323

Standard AC Reciever / Drier w/ Trinary Safety Switch & Mounting Bracket - Black Painted (2.5" X 6")

This standard drier is painted black and features a trinary safety switch along with all necessary mounting hardware. Dimensions are 2.5 x 6". No adapter needed.

Product#: 24619-BBRN

O-Ring Seal; Air Conditioning Compressor Seal

Replacement O-ring or evaporator core housing seal for various GM models. This O-ring for the housing seal measures 5-1/64" x 9/64" thick. Sold individually. Replaces OE #'s 6558587, 19188276, 2724674. Product...

Product#: 15112VCB

Vintage Air Steel-eez Top Mount Compressor & Alternator Bracket Kit for Small-Block Chevy

Vintage Air Steel-eez top-mount compressor bracket kit for generation I Chevrolet small-block engines with short water pumps. This kit mounts the compress on the passenger side, the alternator on the drivers side. It attaches...

Product#: 3825416

1938-93 Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile; Heater Hose Bracket; for Alternator Bracket; 2-1/4" Metal Loop Design; Each; Various Models

Reproduction 2 1/4" heater hose bracket for a wide variety of GM models from 1938-93. This hose bracket is designed to secure two heater hoses to the alternator bracket to prevent damage of the hoses and keep the engine...