Product#: PP215

OER® Paint Adhesion Promoter; 16 Oz. Aerosol Can (Net Wt. 12 Oz.)

OER's Paint Adhesion Promoter is a clear adhesive promoter that is completely flexible, fast dry and easy to use. Will adhere to most plastic surfaces and metal. Highly recommended for use on, metal, TPO, PP and interior and...

Product#: PP1009

OER® Interior Prep Cleaner; 4 Oz Bottle

Before spraying, be sure to properly prepare the surface for topcoat. We offer a variety of surface preparation products to ready reproduction dash pads, headrests, door panels, padded pillar moldings, plastic parts, metal...

Product#: *R8093

LizardSkin Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation Kit - 4 Gallons Of Each Formula with SuperPro Gun

Insulating a vehicle has never been this easy! LizardSkin offers two environmentally safe formulas that can be used as a one-part coating or jointly on to produce a cooler, quieter driving experience. Kit includes: 4...

Product#: DE050220

DEI Boom Mat Spray-On Sound Damping Coating - Net Weight 18 oz.

Boom Mat Spray-on thermal acoustic insulation reduces unwanted noise, vibration, and heat. It can be applied in multiples layers and dries in under 6 hours. {specs}