Product#: 14710

Chevrolet 502 Big Block 18-1/2" Lokar Engine Dipstick

Flexible engine dip stick designed with billet aluminum handle to coordinate with Lokar's flexible transmission dip sticks. Slim design allows mounting between header tubes. Can also be used with factory or Sanderson cast...

Product#: 68056-BCHW

Flexible Stainless Steel Oil Dipstick. Fits Ford 289/302/351W, Timing Cover Application

This flexible braided stainless steel dipstick is the perfect addition to your Ford S/B. This part pushes into the timing cover. Fits: Ford 289-302-351W

Product#: R1996

1968-97 Ford 289-302-351W-429; Flexible Stainless Steel Engine Oil Dipstick; Natural Finish

CFR Performance billet handled flexible dipstick for 1968-97 small block powered Ford and Mercury models including Mustang, Cougar, Falcon and F-Series Truck. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for...

Product#: ED5010

1963-78 Ford / Mercury; 260/289/302 SBF V8; Lokar Flexible Engine Oil Dipstick

Lokar flexible engine oil dipstick for 1963-78 Ford 260, 289 and 302 engines. Applictions include Mustang, Cougar, Falcon, and Bronco. This dipstick is designed for early small block engines with the tube in the timing cover....

Product#: R3001

1966-96 Ford; C6 Flexible Stainless Steel Transmission Dipstick; Firewall Mount; Natural Finish

Stainless steel stainless steel flexible transmission dipstick for various 1966-96 Ford and Mercury models including Mustang, Cougar, Bronco, and F-Series Truck. This flexible transmission dipstick features an aluminum...