Product#: 13934

1969-76 Nova, Ventura, Omega; Dash Instrument Cluster Lens

Reproduction of the original dash instrument cluster lens designed for use with 1969-76 Chevrolet Nova, 1971-76 Pontiac Ventura, 1973-76 Olds Omega, and 1976 Buick Skylark models. Each lens is manufactured in quality...

Product#: 6295087

1968-76 Chevy II, Nova; Printed Circuit Board; For Instrument Gauge Cluster

Reproduction printed circuit that installs on the back on the instrument cluster assembly for 1968-76 Chevrolet Nova models. Each printed circuit is meticulously manufactured to exact factory specifications. This printed...

Product#: 3965143

1969 Camaro;1969-79 Nova/ GM X-Body; Dash Ash Tray Insert

OER® reproduction of the original ash tray receiver insert for 1969 Camaro, 1969-79 Nova, and GM X-Body models. Manufactured in stamped steel featuring a zinc coating for resistance to corrosion. This ash tray insert...

Product#: 7026520

1955-83 Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Olds; Cigarette Lighter Heating Element; Rochester Style

Correct reproduction cigarette lighter heating element for various 1955-83 models equipped with Rochester lighters. This element will replace the non-working original and get your lighter working again. Remove the old element...

Product#: 748705

1969-78 Nova, Apollo, Skylark, Omega, Ventura; Dash Pad Clip Set; 4 Piece Set

Reproduction of the original dash pad mounting clips designed for use on 1969-78 GM Nova and X-body models as listed. Each clip is manufactured in quality spring steel to factory dimensions replicating the original design....

Product#: 72

Cigarette Lighter Element; Without Knob; 1" Long; Casco Style; Number 72

Reproduction Casco style 1" cigarette lighter element without knob to fit a wide variety of vehicles. Replaces Mopar part # 3004190 element. Correct element to repair GM part #'s 344803, 3986887. Replacing the old or worn out...

Product#: 78

Cigarette Lighter Element; without Knob; 7/8" Long; Casco Style; Number 78

This is the number Casco style replacement style cigarette lighter element that fits a wide variety of vehicles equipped with a 7/8" Casco element. Replacing the old or worn out lighter element can allow your lighter to work...

Product#: *R5432

1947-1982 GM; Glove Box Insert Clip Set; 10 Piece Set; OER

These OER® reproduction stamped metal clips attach to the glove box liner in various classic GM passenger cars and trucks. These clips allow the liner to be attached in place with mounting screws (sold separately). ...

Product#: 994125

1969-74 Nova; 1973-74 Ventura, Omega, Apollo; In Dash Clock Assembly

Reproduction of the original in dash clock designed for use on 1969-74 Nova models. Each clock is manufactured to original factory specifications and features correct markings and a quartz movement for accuracy. Replace your...

Product#: 7027910

1955-79 GM; Cigarette Lighter Housing ; Rochester; Long Stud Type; Various Models

Reproduction of the original cigarette lighter housing designed for 1955-79 GM vehicles with a Rochester style cigarette lighter. The lighter housing mounts into the dash. The cigarette lighter knob and element are inserted...

Product#: 3939659

1969 Camaro, 1969-79 Nova, Ventura, Skylark; Glove Box Door; Black; EDP Coated; OER

Stamped steel reproduction of the original glove box door and hinge for use with 1969 Camaro and 1969-79 Nova and GM X-body models. Each glove box door is manufactured in quality stamped steel to factory specifications...

Product#: 3965143A

1969 Camaro, 1969-79 Nova, Ventura; Dash Ash Tray Assembly; with Bracket ; Black; OER

OER® reproduction of the original ash tray door and bracket designed for use with 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1969-74 Nova, 1973-74 Buick Apollo, 1975-79 Skylark, 1974 GTO, and other 1973-79 GM X-Body models. The ash tray door...

1969-76 Nova, Skylark, Omega; Lens; Instrument Cluster

Product#: IN2558Z

1969-76 Nova, Skylark, Omega; Lens; Instrument Cluster

Replace your old or broken lens with this brand new clear one today for various GM vehicles including Nova, Omega, Ventura, and Skylark models! Sold individually. Replaces GM part# 6482964. {specs}

Product#: 398165

1967-72 GM; Traffic Hazard Warning Knob; Chrome; Short Style; Various Models

High quality reproduction of the original hazard flasher knob designed for use on various GM models. This authentic replacement is manufactured in zinc die-cast material than chrome plated to a lusterous shine. Features the...

Product#: 7028146

1970-91 Cigarette Lighter Knob and Element ; Rochester ; Various Models

OER® reproduction of the original cigarette lighter knob and element for use on various 1970-91 GM models. This reproduction lighter includes an authentic reproduction of the original knob and element featuring the...

1968-68 Oldsmobile Cutlass, Toronado; Bezel; Cigarette Lighter

Product#: IN10097T

1968-68 Oldsmobile Cutlass, Toronado; Bezel; Cigarette Lighter

Reproduction show quality cigarette lighter bezel wich fits 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Toronado. We've now reproduced these bezels that are aluminum and black anodized plated with polished edge, unlike cheap plastic ones...

Product#: 3984446

Glove Box Lock Striker ; Various Models

Reproduction of the original glove box striker designed for use on various GM models including 1969 Camaro models. Strikers are manufactured in stamped steel and designed to replace the damaged or missing original. This...

Product#: 11516142

1960-2004; Cigarette Lighter Assembly; Casco Style; Without Knob; Housing, Retainer, and 7/8" Element; 3-Piece Set

Reproduction cigarette lighter housing assembly for vehicles equipped with lighters that use 7/8" Casco style elements. This lighter housing is designed for various GM models including Camaro, Corvette, Firebird, Impala, and...