1966-66 Chevelle, Cutlass, Skylark; Knob; Seat Adjustment; Chrome

Product#: IN0456Z

1966-66 Chevelle, Cutlass, Skylark; Knob; Seat Adjustment; Chrome

Replacment chrome plated die cast seat track adjustment knob with set screw like the OEM had. This knob fits 1966 various Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile models. Fits both bench and bucket seats. {specs}

Product#: K15

1967-72 Seat Track Adjustor Knob ; Chrome ; Each

Reproduction of the original seat track adjustment knob designed for use on various 1967-72 GM models. This knob allows the seat to move forward and backward on the track. Attaches to the seat track mechanism adjustment arm...

Product#: G7538

1968-90 Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Olds; Seat Track Knob; Black; Each

Original GM seat track knob designed for use with a variety of 1968-90 GM models as listed. Each knob is manufctured to correct factory specifications featuring the correct grain for an authentic appearance. This is the knob...

Product#: 9711651

1960-81 GM; 6-Way Power Seat Switch Base

Six way power seat switch base for a variety of GM applications: To ensure proper fitment, please compare your original to our photos, and note pin alignment, pin bussing and notch cut out location in relation to where the...

Product#: 9711654

1960-81 GM; 6-Way Power Seat Switch Base

Six way power seat switch base for a variety of GM applications with 6-way reclining power seat. Buick Applications: 1971-72 Centurion 1976-81 Century 1961-72 Electra 1980-81 Electra 1970-72 Estate Wagon 1978-82...

Product#: 4702245

1957-58 Oldsmobile; Bezel; For 6-Way Power Seat Switch

Chrome bezel for 6-way power seat switch on 1957-58 Oldsmobiles. Bezel only. Oldsmobile Applications: 1957-58 Eighty-Eight 1957-58 Super 88 1957 Fiesta 1957-58 Ninety-Eight 1957 Golden Rocket 88 1957 Starfire

Product#: 4605687

1953-56 GM; Escutcheon; For Seat Pull Cord

Reproduction die-cast, chrome plated, front seat pull cord escutcheon for: 1953-56 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupes and convertibles, and all 1953-56 Super 88 models 1953 Buick Special 4 door sedans 1954-56 Century Riviera...

Product#: 9711696

1960-81 GM; Rocker Button Assembly; For 6-Way Power Seat Switch

Six way power seat rocker button assembly for 1960-82 Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet models, and 1959-82 Cadillacs with six way seat. Buick Applications: 1971-73 Centurion 1973-81 Century 1960-82 Electra ...

Product#: 4634118

1954-57 Buick/Oldsmobile; Switch; One-Button; For Power Window or Power Seat

Reproduction 1-button power window switch for a variety of 1954-57 GM models. Sold individually. Bezel is not included, but sold separately, under part # 4634125. Buick Applications 1954-57 All Oldsmobile...