Remote Mount Battery Cable Set 16 Feet Red & Black #1 Gauge Cables

Product#: 40105

Remote Mount Battery Cable Set 16 Feet Red & Black #1 Gauge Cables

Perfect for trunk mounted batteries. Both positive and negative cables are 1 gauge and 16 feet in length which allows for them to be attached to the engine for maximum starting current. Helps prevent voltage drop to the...

Product#: 40101

Painless 40100 Battery Cable Set 15 Feet 1 Gauge Red, 3 Feet 1 Gauge Black

This kit has only the highest quality components. Kit comes complete with 16 feet of red #1 gauge positive cable and 3 feet of black #1 gauge cable, both with heavy duty battery terminals already installed capable of...

Product#: JC3

Battery Booster Cables; 1 Gauge

Features: 25' Long extra heavy duty booster cable 800 Amp copper coated steel jaw clamps Suitable for starting all types of vehicles and trucks Stays flexible up to -67 degrees F Engineered for warm and cold climates ...

Product#: MS74055

Moroso Battery Installation Kit

Moroso battery installation kit. This kit includes enough 2 gauge copper wire to relocate the battery to the trunk on most vehicles. The high grade cable features a rugged PVC insulation provides unrestricted current flow....

Product#: JC2

Battery Booster Cables; 4 Gauge

Features: Tangle-free construction Durable, flexible wire Shock proof coating on heavy duty clamps

Product#: N430

Universal 30" Negative Top Post Battery Cable; Black

Having electrical issues? You may be shocked to realize that the problem may not be your battery or alternator, but rather your cables. All cables are 4 gauge, stranded copper wire and are equipped with an accessory lead...

Product#: K0169

1930-2012; Positive Battery Cable Cloth; 1/2"; All Models; Per Foot

Original style battery cable cloth designed for use with virtually all models including the listings below. The primary use of this black cloth insulation is to protect the positive battery cable, but can be used for any...

Product#: G6848

Side Mount Battery Cable Bolt; Genuine GM

Genuine GM replacement battery cable bolt. Battery bolts can strip or corrode and should be replaced to provide a tight fit for the cable clamp to the battery terminal. Fits most 1971-up GM vehicles with standard side post...