Product#: K89751

OER® Authorized Grit Guard 5 Gallon Yellow Bucket With Grit Guard

Our unique OER® Authorized wash bucket provides a convenient way to store or transport all of your car cleaning supplies while doubling as an extremely effective finish protecting wash tool. The Grit Guard insert sits...

Product#: K89750

OER® Authorized Grit Guard Replacement Gamma Seal Lid

This OER® Authorized Grit Guard replacement gamma seal lid has a Screw-on O-ring seal lid that guards against spills when transporting or storing your car cleaning supplies! The OER® Authorized logo represents...

Product#: K89748

OER® Authorized Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System

The OER® Authorized Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System provides a separate rinse and wash bucket, doubling your protection against swirl marks and scratches when you wash your prized possessions! Simply fill both...

Product#: K89747

Universal Pad Cleaner

One of the biggest problems with pads today lies in their backing pad and its likeliness to tear off of the pad. The major cause of this failure is from hand washing your polishing pads. When you hand wash pads, the backing...

Universal Pad Cleaner

MSRP $131.99 ea
Classic $119.99 ea