1958 Impala

Chevy Impala Restoration

Big Bling Beauty

I bought the car in 1988 from the estate of the original owner. The car at that time was 30 years old and only had 62,000 miles. There were a few things that needed fixing like he had spilled brake fluid down the drivers rear quarter panel so that needed repaint. he had Astroturf in the trunk which was funky so I bought a new trunk mat. I had the brakes rebuilt, a complete tune-up and new tires. I had to replace the water pump and thermostat along with all the hoses under the hood. At first I installed bias ply repro tires but they drove so badly I just recently changed to radials. I had to replace a tail light lens which he had broken. At this time the car has just over 90,000 on the clock. The valve covers have never been off the engine. Now for that brief description. It is a Bel Air Impala sport coupe. It was built in Los Angeles. It is paint code 930A which the factory calls SILVER BLUE METALLIC and it has the multistripe blue interior. It has the 348 cu. in. V8 engine, power steering and brakes. powerglide transmission, AM radio and standard heater. It has the rare vinyl dash covering in blue to match the interior. At least 50% of the exterior paint is factory and the entire front grill, bumper and trim is factory. I have had the rear bumper re-chromed. The interior is all factory.

Check out my 1971 Camaro on a previous page. Neither car has had a drop of water on it since 1990. I dust them 2 times a week and polish them every 4 months. Needless to say, they are in a garage covered every night. I drive each car approximately 2,000 miles per year.

Karen McDermott
La Habra, CA