1973 Trans Am

Pontiac TranAm Restoration

T/A with Numbers Matching factory "Y" code 455

Bruce Johnson's 1973 Pontiac Trans Am was a labor of love and family support. He bought the car in Detroit and moved it to Texas. Securing the car was the easy part. In the year that he has had the car, he and his family have had the original, numbers matching "Y" code 455 rebuilt and slightly modified with an earlier model cam and exhaust manifolds. He also added an aluminum intake and HEI ignition. The car had been stored for 18 years and the paint was tired so Bruce had the entire exterior repainted with new decals. New suspension components followed, and finally he got down to business changing out the maroon interior to black, with the help of Classic Industries. He ordered new seat covers, carpet and headliner from Classic to complete the makeover.


"It took me a year to complete the restoration. It runs and looks great. Thanks for your interior components. They fit great and are holding up very well."

Bruce Johnson