Tremec T-56 Index Plate

Product#: RM130

Tremec T-56 Index Plate

Tremec T-56 Index Plate provides a machined surface for properly indicating the bellhousing when installing any T-56 Transmission. This process will improve shifts and reduce premature bearing failure caused by input shaft...

Tremec T-56 Index Plate

MSRP $135.99 ea
Classic $122.99 ea

Product#: 67005SC

Proform Silver Adjustable RPM Shift Light

This is an adjustable RPM shift light with silver case for use with Proform tachometers.

Product#: 67005C

Proform Black Adjustable RPM Shift Light

This is an adjustable RPM shift light with black case for use with Proform tachometers.

Product#: 67007C-BCHW

Slim Digital Shift Light, 3-Wire, Black

Easy to set digital shift light will help you leave your competitor eating exhaust at the track! Proform's new Mini Digital Shift Light and Diagnostic Tachometer can be easily installed in vehicles with 1-12 cylinders....

Product#: Y55500

Clutch Alignment Tool

If you need a foolproof method to align your clutch, try this great clutch replacement tool. Includes one tool with seven adaptors to replace virtually any kind of automotive clutch.

Clutch Alignment Tool

MSRP $32.99 ea
Classic $29.99 ea

Product#: Y46000

Internal/ External Snap Ring Pliers

A handy combination tool for the removal or installation of internal and external snap rings.

Product#: CX1531

Clutch Head Screwdriver Set; 4 Piece Set

Set of 4 popular sized clutch head screwdrivers for early model trucks that used this type of fastener on fenders, hinges, latches, etc.

Product#: TD700102

Thread Detective® - Inch and Metric - Wire Lanyard

The Thread Detective® thread identifier is a precise and easy-to-use thread identifying tool for both nuts and bolts. The Thread Detective® is especially well suited for distinguishing between similar Inch and Metric...

Product#: V025700

Triple Head 180 Degree Tube Bender (3/8", 5/16", 1/4", 3/16")

This tool makes bends easy without the tube collapsing. Tube benders can be used for bending copper or steel tubing such as brake, fuel, transmission cooler or power steering lines. Features and Benefits: Bends 3/16",...

Product#: Y31310

Double Flaring Tool Set

If your brake lines or fuel lines need to be flared, this is the right tool for you. This set allows the user to make single or double SAE flares to exact dimensions.

Double Flaring Tool Set

MSRP $46.99 set
Classic $41.99 set